scott wizig

real estate investor & philanthropist

Scott Wizig is the President of SWE Homes, LP and it’s subsidiary companies. As a real estate investor for over 30 years, SWE Homes has given the community an opportunity at home ownership through an owner finance business model. His companies have spent millions of dollars buying and selling homes in Houston and surrounding areas. His work in the city has brought many neglected properties back to life and put in the hands of families who want a chance at the dream of owning their home.

Real Estate Investor

SWE Homes, LP is an all-in-one real estate company that gives you the largest selection of homes, town homes, condos, apartments, land and commercial properties in Texas. 

Hard Money Lender

SWE Lending is Texas’ most experienced direct lender for fast hard money loans. Our loan programs are designed to meet investor needs for funding real estate projects located in Texas. 

Note Buyer

As a long term investor, SWE purchases performing, sub-performing, and non-performing notes. We are a quality buyer with unparalleled experience and knowledge of the real estate market.


SWE invests in every community we serve! We support those in need and give back to those who have given so much. When we work together with our neighbors, we make everyday better. 

About Me

Scott Wizig is a native Texan, who grew up in the southwest area of Houston. Scott started working at a young age, first selling lemonade to construction workers, then taking on a paper route, and eventually repairing bikes to resale them in his neighborhood. Scott’s love for bikes eventually landed him a job at a local bike shop where he worked through high school. Although education is extremely important, Wizig found that his classroom was the real estate world, his teachers and mentors were those who were already working in the real estate industry.

Scott Wizig started his real estate venture by purchasing his first properties in the late 1980’s. His first purchase was a condo in 1987 for $10,000. After many real world experiences in the industry, Scott Wizig purchased his first office in Stafford, TX and in 1992 he formally incorporated Scott Wizig Enterprises, Inc. (SWE), an entity that purchases, sells, and manages properties that are primarily single family homes for long-term investment.

Scott Wizig served as President of Piper’s Crossing Owner’s Association from 1989 to 1992. Scott Wizig was a board member of the Quail Bridge Community Improvement Association and was the Vice President of the Benchmark CIA.  From 1993 to 1995, Scott Wizig was a board member of the Briar Villa Community Improvement Association. From 1999 to 2004, he was an Advisory Director for Prosperity Bank, one of Texas’ largest banks and Forbes rated as America’s best bank.

Scott Wizig founded SWE Homes and other real estate investment companies on the premise of providing “Everyday Homes for Everyday People.” SWE is fortunate to have 99% of its investments be profitable and rewarding for communities. 

Scott is a family man and a proud father to two now young adults. Pauline is a grad student and about to start law school. Nick is a freshman and on the Dean’s List of his university. Scott is proud of his kid’s academic accomplishments, but what makes him more proud is that they are good, humble, and caring people.